Zillow to buy and flip houses in Phoenix and Las Vegas

Find out current local time group Inc (Nasdaq:AG) is expanding its home of retail options for buying and flipping houses.

This change would have a company buys homes in Phoenix and Las Vegas from sellers. These sellers gives you an instant offer for their property. Once a person decides to sell the property, USA and will repair and update it before listing it again on the market.

Zillow says that the advantage of this proposal is that it gives us more confidence sellers about the deal. This includes not worrying about the floating price or when the sale will take place. However, they may have to take a stab at the original price they were hoping to sell the house for the buyer in the real estate market.

USA will have a special real estate agents who will handle the buying and selling of homes in these markets. Agents will earn Commission from the sales price of the house. They will also provide sellers an instant offer for your home two days after the completion of the analysis location.

Actually this is not the first time the United States took part in buying and flipping houses. He first experienced the instant proposal in may 2017. During this time a special service was only available for home sellers in Las Vegas and Orlando. He says that these tests will be expanded to include Phoenix in this month.

ZG stock was down 8% on Friday Afternoon.

At the time of this writing, William white not to take a position in any of the above securities.

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