Who are the main competitors in chipotle?


Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. (BC), is a market leader in the fast casual sector, faces direct competition with four other companies. They include Qdoba restaurant Corporation, million tons of food group Inc. OOO mswg, and Coastal Grill Rubio. Chipotle also competes on at least head-to-head against the Corporation Taco bell (yum), the market leader in Mexican-style fast food sector.

Company in the restaurant services business to compete on various levels, including the menu, atmosphere, innovation and price as well as size, geographical reach, reputation and attractiveness for investors. Like other chain restaurants that adhere to the “fast casual” concept, Chipotle is trying to combine the convenience and accessibility of counter-service, fast food (McDonald’s, Burger king) with the highest quality of food and more attractive environment. Meals are usually a bit more expensive than fast food, but the food is prepared on site, using healthy ingredients such as fresh vegetables, poultry and meat products.

As of April 2017, the publicly traded Chipotle owns and operates more than 2,250 restaurants. The mswg, which is owned by focus brands operates more than 680 South-West of Mos cafe & Grill on 40 countries, most located East of the Mississippi river. Meanwhile, in the ownership of the fast food giant Jack in the box (Jack), Qdoba operates and franchises eateries near 718. MTY food group Inc. a Montreal-based restaurant company that operates or franchises Baja fresh Mexican Grill on 162 sites, overseeing Salsa fresh Mexican grill and canyons Burger company. Private property based on the West coast runs Rubio institutions nearly 200 locations.

Chipotle is still underdeveloped in the amount of fast food giant Taco bell, operator 6,200 locations throughout the U.S. Taco bell is owned by yum brands, the world leader in fast food chains, which owns Pizza hut and KFC as well. However, while sales of fast casual food in General, not just those with a Mexican menu has decreased in the past two years, chipotle has been raised, Bouncing back from several food security crises in 2015.

Chipotle, founded in 1993 by a chef named Steve Ells, not even the old Mexican fast-casual dining chain. Rubio began 10 years ago. Rubio, however, has not reached the same geographic locations as Chipotle. All Rubio restaurants in five Western States.

In 1998, five years after its creation, only 16 Chipotle restaurants, all located in Colorado. In the same year, though, fast food Behemoth McDonald’s Corporation (MCD) has become the main investor. By 2006, when McDonald’s completed divestiture from chipotle, the Mexican-style dining chain has expanded to 500 seats.

Direct competitors chipotle uses different approaches to ensure their own growth. Southwest MOE’s restaurants, the Grill is trying to differentiate itself with a fun and unconventional environment in the menu items are named after movie stars and television. Baja fresh Mexican Grill unveiled a new restaurant design in 2013, along with an updated menu, which pays more attention to food taste and freshness. In 2010, Rubio went private through a merger with a subsidiary of Mill road capital. Rubio is now trying to set itself apart from chipotle and other competitors, the opening of the new fresh seafood and some of the California restaurants on the beach-how to look.

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