Where can you find information about before and after the close of trading on the NYSE and Nasdaq?


In the stock market, particularly the NYSE and Nasdaq, is traditionally open from 9:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. Eastern. Over time, with the introduction of new technologies and the increasing demand for trading, these hours have been expanded to include what is called premarket and after-hours trading.

In the first place investors should look to find information about pre-market and after-market activities is data service their brokerage accounts. Often broker services information services provide the most complete after market trade data, and they usually come free with the brokerage account. Investors often can not only for trade during this time period, but also to see the current bid and ask prices for specific securities and prices, in comparison with the previous period close.

If you do not have a brokerage account or your brokerage account does not provide this service, there are several free websites that provide users access to pre – and after-hours on the market. On the Nasdaq website offers comprehensive quotes for stocks listed on the Nasdaq, showing each trade, including price, term and size of the transactions in after-hours trading. For market information, use pre-market quotes service, and at the end of the day information to use the service after the closing quotation marks. Although the website of the new York stock exchange do not offer such a detailed service, in terms of depth of information, quoting the service on its website shows the latest stock movement after hours market.

Other services such as Yahoo Finance will show the last transaction in the pre – and after the close of markets. These services generally will cover all stocks – whether they trade on the NYSE, Nasdaq or another exchange.

For more information, see the activities You can enjoy in the pre-market and after hours trading sessions.

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