What percentage of the world economy consists of oil and Gas drilling sector?


According to the market research company, the leading business intelligence company, total revenue for oil and drilling in the Gaza strip came to $2 trillion in 2017. This sector consists of companies that explore, develop and exploit oil and gas deposits. It is also sometimes called the oil and gas exploration and production, or e & p as just. 2017 evaluation of worldwide gross domestic product in the range of $75 trillion and $87.5 trillion, oil and gas drilling sector currently stands at something between 2% and 3% of the world economy.

The industry includes companies specializing in the production of crude petroleum, mining and extraction of oil from shale or Sands and extraction of hydrocarbon liquids. It also includes all producers of natural gas and the fact that the recovery of sulfur from natural gas. It does not include enterprises engaged in transportation, refining or the oil and natural gas. For those companies that perform both included and excluded, the estimated earnings from operations are included included in the $2 trillion industry figure.

Emerging market economies driven the demand for oil and gas. This is especially true in the very densely populated BRIC countries: Brazil, Russia, India and China. Neftegazovoi industry looks to a bright future on the background of this demand. The nature of the oil and gas production means that the industry depends much more on capital equipment than human labor, so employment may not rise as much as the total market capitalization.

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