What are some examples of companies or products that have outstanding brand?


While many companies and products have created the brand, some of the most famous of which is tylenol, Kirkland signature buy costco, Coca-Cola, Starbucks and Porsche. All of these companies to provide quality control to ensure the best possible service or product to the customer or the consumer.

Manufactured since 1955 by McNeil, now a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, the tylenol shows results above average in the category of pain relief, reports the Mayo clinic. EquiTrend studies show that consumers trust tylenol generic brands. Tylenol was not able to grow its market with the creations of tylenol Extra strength, tylenol cold and flu, and pain.

Since 2009, the brand Kirkland signature at costco has maintained positive growth. The signature includes hundreds of items, including clothing, coffee, washing powder and food and drink (one study shows that costco sells more wine than any other brand in the country, despite state laws that restrict the sale of alcohol in certain places). Costco even provides members with exclusive access to cheaper gasoline at private stations. Adding to the popularity of Kirkland is the fact that its products are cheaper than other famous brands.

According to Starbucks research, consumer case, customers choose their brand over other coffee because of its quality, but because of the company. The ranking for the fifth most desirable company in the world by Fortune magazine in 2014. Starbucks held in high esteem for her Willingness to social responsibility. With more than 21,000 stores worldwide, Starbucks is the largest roaster and seller of Arabica coffee beans and coffee drinks.

With a brand value of approximately $72 billion, Coca-Cola is often the best soda brand in the world. However, the brand is more than just products — it symbolizes a positive experience, a proud history, even the United States itself. Also recognized for his unique marketing campaign, corporations, Coca-Cola has made a global impact with its consumer engagement.

Porsche, a brand with a strong share in the automotive sector, maintains your image and reliability through the use of high-quality, unique materials. Regarded as the luxury brand, Porsche is offering owners of cars not only with the product but the experience. Unlike other car brands in its class, Porsche ranks among the three higher brands like Mercedes and BMW, in accordance with USA news and world report.

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