Was Basic parameters (ROP)

What ‘was the Main parameters (ROP)’

Was Basic parameters (ROP) at a brokerage firm controls the exposure and options trading activities on options within client accounts. In the ROP action between the customer order and the exchange member who executes the order. Was the Basic options is a man, who was the 4-series exam, also known as the registered options Principal Qualification examination (OP), which is administered by the financial industry regulatory authority (finra).

The destruction was was Basic parameters (ROP)’

According the US registered options Principal is the person who was trained to know the different “rules and regulations relating to the supervision of the company management functions of the personnel, accounts and trade, as well as stock exchange rules and regulations applicable to options trading.” Obligations of registered options Principal include market making, underwriting and regulatory requirements, as well as advertising the following:

  • Stock options
  • Currency options
  • Options interest rate
  • Index options
  • Variants of government and mortgage securities

The brokerage firm will often be more than one registered Basic functions, acting as the head. In some cases, one location of ROP, and the other alternative ROP. Alternative ROP acts as a subordinate designated ROP. Both positions are often taken by senior staff, more specifically, any partner, officer or Director of the company.

Was Basic parameters (ROP) qualification

In the USA, an individual wishing to become a PMA must pass the series 4 license rate securities. ROP candidates must also have passed one of the following prerequisite exams to register: Series 7; series 17; series 37, Series 38, Series 62 (Series 42).

The exam consists of 125 multiple-choice questions (10 unscored pre-test questions) covering the following topics:

  • Overseeing the opening of new accounts (21 questions)
  • The control parameters of the account activity (25 questions)
  • The trade controls General settings (30 questions)
  • Control of parameters of communication (9 questions)
  • Execution practices and compliance with regulatory requirements (12 questions)
  • Control-related persons and activity human resources (28 questions)

The test is conducted via computer. Candidates are not allowed any reference materials, but given a paper and basic electronic calculators (some exam questions may include calculations). To receive on the exam, visit 4 series information section of the exam in the United States. In Canada, the candidate must pass ROP course options (RCAP) provided by the canadian Institute securities.

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