Wall Street

What is ‘wall Street’

Wall Street-a street in Lower Manhattan, which is home to the new York stock exchange and the historic headquarters of the largest brokerage companies in the U.S. and investment banks. The term “wall Street” is also used as the collective name for the financial and investment community, which includes stock exchanges and large banks, brokerages, securities and insurance firms, and large enterprises. Today brokerage geographically, allowing investors free access to the same information available for tycoons of wall Street.

Breaking Down The ‘Wall Street’

Wall Street got its name from the wooden wall Dutch colonists built in Lower Manhattan in 1653 to defend themselves from the British and native Americans. The wall was demolished in 1699, but the name stuck. The area became the center of trade in 1700-ies, and in the late 1790-ies, the publicly traded investment has been released. The new York stock exchange, the largest in the world by market capitalization, can trace their roots back to this time and area. After the First World War, wall street and new York overtook London to become the most significant in the world financial center. Today, wall Street remains home to several important financial institutions. The new York stock exchange still to find on wall Street as the American stock exchange, and several banks and brokerage firms.

Financial Company

Wall Street, when used as a metonymy, is extended to institutions located around the world. While wall Street is an important place, where they founded a number of financial institutions, globalization of Finance has led to institutions around the world. In addition, in this reference, wall Street is often shortened to just “street”. This name is often mentioned in the media. For example, when reporting the company’s earnings, the media can compare a company’s income because “the street” expected. In this case, they compare the income of the company that financial analysts had expected earnings will be.

Wall street and main street

While wall Street often refers to the global financial and investment community, it is often compared with main street. “Main street” is often used as a synonym for individual investors, small businesses, employees and the economy as a whole. The main street is a common name for the main street of the city where most local businesses are. Often there is a contradiction between the goals, desires and motivations of the main street compared to wall Street with wall Street, representing major companies and financial institutions, with main street representing the baby and small business in General.

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