Trump drama keeps the market in suspense

US stocks jumped again on Tuesday night thanks to a softening of trade chatter from China, where President XI Jinping proposed to reduce the tariff on imported cars and in General supports the idea of free open trade. Wall Street it is translated as to go back to the recent rhetoric. And even the President trump took to Twitter to Express appreciation for the presentation.

But these comments largely echoed what XI Jinping said in Davos early in the year. And it sets up a good COP/bad COP dynamic with XI considered as a more favorable actor. China has not responded to trump an additional $ 100 billion in trade tariffs announced at the end of last week. In addition, the special Advisor to the investigation of trump reached its peak after office and hotel personal trump card of the Prosecutor were searched in “no knock” search of the Federal agents.

Trump reportedly fuming a clear violation of attorney-client privilege and the fire Muller or top officials of the Ministry of justice in response to the fact that he called it a “witch hunt”.

Market index and S&P 500 fell 0.82%, the Nasdaq fell 0.83% and the down Jones Industrial average fell 0.85%.

Energy stocks revived interest Trump soon to launch a military strike on Syria in retaliation for an attack on the alleged chemical weapons. The group grew by 3.3% from the companies Exxon (Ticker NYSE:xom at) rose 2.9%, after rising above its 50-day moving average for the first time since Jan.

Yesterday, Facebook Inc. (Nasdaq:FB) rose 4.5% to return for his 20-day moving average as CEO mark Zuckerberg appeared before the Congress to resolve problems with data and entries in Cambridge analyst scandal.

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And Sprint Corp (Ticker NYSE:from) rose by 17.1% after the company resumed merger talks with t-mobile USA, Inc. (indexsegment) for the first time since the end of last year.

Wednesday will be another tough day for the stock since the release of the latest FOMC minutes, as well as, perhaps, clarify the intentions trump Syria and definition in the special counsel investigation.

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