Top 5 the stock Exchange on Friday Morning

In the abundance of the earnings continues, with some eminent companies to report their quarterly results. What will happen after the close on Thursday. So we’ve got our eyes on some top stock trading heading into Friday. Here are five of them.

Top Stock trades for tomorrow #1: the visa stock

Wednesday after the close, Visa Inc. (NYSE:in) that long-term investors have become accustomed: the top and bottom line revenues.

The result? Stock shooting to new highs. While a visa is not the cheapest stock on the market, keep in mind, he works near monopoly on the long-term trend of credit and debit. He also got an incredibly high margin. For 124 $and V continues to look attractive. Bulls should be bought on pullbacks to the 100-day moving average.

There’s a reason why the Visa was one of 8 the upward trend in stocks are expected to keep on rallying.

Top Stock trades for tomorrow #2: stock AMD

As Visa, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (Nasdaq:AMD) beat profit and revenue estimates. He grew up in gross profit and raised its earnings forecast.

This resulted in a rally of 10% on Thursday. As we have said in response to the earnings, AMD may struggle to advance through its major moving averages, which holds the stock down. Above $10.50 better but as long as AMD remains above support near the $9.50 I will continue like this. Business is good, the valuation is reasonable and the shares may rise to $13 as long as the broader markets hold.

Best stock trading for tomorrow #3: Facebook promotions

Another top and bottom line beat (it’s getting boring yet?) also called a rally in Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB). Shares jumped about 10% in a day, and mass migration to now-$510 billion market capitalization of the company.

Where does that leave the stock? Rally the market FB back above the 50-day and 200-day moving averages. It affected, but has not pushed through its 100-day moving average though. It seems that the pullback of $150 was a great opportunity to buy that InvestorPlace readers should not be surprised.

But up, at least on the left? I expected 185 $level as resistance, provided that the shares of FB can go so far. If he fails, we will likely see shares bounce around in a consolidation phase. Let’s see where it finds support and how far he can push before taking on a new position.

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Top Stock trades for tomorrow #4: Chipotle stock

When I met chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (Ticker NYSE:BC) on Wednesday, I didn’t expect that 25% rally after earnings. Damn, look at that monster!

On the move over $340 we were looking for $400 In the following. Now at $420, cmg stock has cleared that mark with ease. The momentum was back with the bulls and in a big way. “Golden cross” was formed, which is a bullish development, when the 50-day moving average crosses the 200-day moving average. Should we call it a double Golden cross, when the 100-day moving average crosses above the 200-day in the same session?

I never saw how it happened, but it’s hard to be bearish about it. Cmg needs to have support between $380 to $400, and while shares may disappoint short-term Bulls with some consolidation, I think BC is moving up in 2018.

Top Stock auction at tomorrow #5: Home depot

Home depot Inc. (US:HD) catches up with a surprising rally on Thursday, jumping nearly 5%. We pointed this out about a week ago, as it rallied into resistance.

HD faded from the original rally, but there’s no doubt Thursday’s breakthrough. The shares rallied strongly for 180 dollars at the same time pushing through the 100 day moving average as well.

When buying closer to $180 mark is preferred, even the Bulls late to the party, there is a chance to jump into HD stock. Buy at $185 and with the closing stop loss of $180 is $5 per share or a 2.7% reduction potential. On the other hand, investors can focus on the $205, almost 11% higher than today’s price and next to the current 52-week high.

It should be noted that the average price target on household goods sits all the way to $209. Therefore, during a rally to new highs looks like a bold challenge on the surface, I don’t think it’s as aggressive as it seems.

Bret Kenwell Manager and author of the forthcoming “blue chips” and on Twitter @BretKenwell. At the time of this writing, Bret Kenwell held a long position in AMD, V and HD.

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