The reasons can be the key to saving the struggling stock Walmart in ink

E-Commerce in India could change forever. Global retail giant Walmart Inc. (Ticker NYSE:wmt, ), according to reports, just a few weeks from infection to 80% of the India leading e-Commerce platform, India at $12 billion, according to Bloomberg.

This is a big deal. On several fronts. Not only e-Commerce in India is now under the majority ownership of American companies (second leading e-Commerce Platform in India ink. (Nasdaq:events of the week), but the reasons for that could also give note a shot in the arm it so desperately needs.

Wal-Mart stock struggled lately, falling from above $110 to $85 in a few months on the background of what investors perceive as a digital slowing sales growth and increased competition from target Corporation (Ticker NYSE:TGT). There’s not much Walmart can do about combat. But there are so many Walmart can make it digital slowdown in sales.

And the greatest thing he can do is to give yourself head in the hot e-Commerce market in the world.

Thus, the acquisition of reason that could save Wal-Mart stock in the long term. But not in the short term.

Here’s a deeper look:

Large growth opportunities of stock in Walmart

For all intents and purposes, causes, version of India Amazon. And, for all intents and purposes, India is the next big frontier in e-Commerce. Put these two together and it’s easy to understand why flipkart offers huge growth opportunities for the company.

Just as China e-Commerce market began to strengthen a few years ago and continues to rise higher today, India appears to be in the early stages of your own e-Commerce revolution. Because India has the same number of people as in China, the boom may be equally large. That’s why Indian e-Commerce market is expected to grow by 30% average annual growth over the next 10 years by $200 billion.

Currently, India has about 50-70% of the Indian e-Commerce market, depending on who you ask. For comparison, Amazon owns about 50% of U.S. e-Commerce market.

Thus, if India captures Amazon as the market share of India’s e-Commerce market in 10 years (50%), which means the total value of goods in the amount of $ 100 billion. This is a huge number, even for Walmart (annual sales of 500 billion dollars).

More importantly, the acquisition of India solves a big problem in Walmart — the slowdown in digital sales. Investors are in panic because Walmart reported a huge step in the growth of digital sales in the last quarter. One way for the company to re-ignite the growth of digital sales to jump head first into India’s e-Commerce market.

Walmart quotes did not realize

Currently, however, there is considerable uncertainty when it comes to India’s size, growth and market share. Due to the lack of clarity, investors will buy up shares of the company Walmart after the company acquires 80% of the causes.

Moreover, the target headwind remains, and Walmart continues to lose momentum in the domestic market. Meawhile for the wmt stock continues to trade at historically rich valuation.

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All together, the short-term weakness in Walmart’s shares will be maintained. I’m not here for the buyer.

In the long term, though, the acquisition of India will save the day for the stock Walmart. Reason walmart gives a huge impact on the hot e-Commerce market in the world, thereby significantly increasing the overall profile of the company’s growth and lengthening its runway of growth for a few years. As soon as there is clarity as to the cause, Size, growth and market share, the demand of investors for shares of Walmart will be strengthened.

Bottom line in stock walmart

I was bearish on the stock Walmart for some time as he sprinted ahead of the basics of the idea that this company transformirovalsya in the global digital retail Behemoth on a par with Amazon.

This has never happened. Shares of Walmart fell. But one way for the company to transform into a global “digital retail” Hippo acquire India.

Thus, the main causes, investments can save the day for the stock Walmart. But the savings will not happen over night. In the short term, Wal-Mart stock will continue to be addressed in a more Extended evaluation and depressive moods. Long-term, reliable international e-retail growth can send shares higher.

At the time of this writing, Luke Lango was a long week event and tgt.

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