The Numbers Are Removed

Definition of digits deleted’

Deleted digits-a designation on an exchange’s Ticker tape or summary of the exchange service, which refers to the absence of one or more shares at a price digits caused by tape delay. it takes effect at the time of the announcement tape is too far behind the trading activity. Only last digit and fraction not reported until the tape catches up.

Breaking down the digits deleted’

Deleted figures is the evidence that is given is only a partial Quote. In particular, only finite numbers. For example, if the stock price of the shares, 74.25, it can be read on tape as a 4.25 on the assumption that investors know to add the $70 quote.

For example, the stock price will become 34 1/5 4 1/5.

Numbers are removed when the tape is late because of the large volume of trades. Discarding digits, the tape saves space and is able to report more prices in a short period of time. When the tape catches up with the trading activity, the numbers start reporting as usual.

The end of the removed digits call the numbers resumed.

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