The Killer Category

What is ‘killers’

The killer category is a large supermarket retail chain, which is so low that it dominates its product categories and sets less productive and highly specialized merchants out of business.

Breaking down the ‘murderers’

Killer Category have gained massive competitive advantage by having more and deeper selection of products in its category, at prices so low that smaller stores cannot compete. Home depot, is nearly seven times the Square footage and inventory in hardware store, can offer a much wider choice.

This channel was invented by Charles Lazarus, founder of toys R us, which led the way to Barnes & noble, home depot, best buy and bed bath & beyond. But as wreck toys R us, teaches us, even the murderers of the Category of death, if they are clumsy and do not evolve with time.

The killer categories and competition

First, there was Walla. Its expansion as a huge national discounter to move in supermarkets, not just to put a smaller independent mom and pop stores went out of business, but eating into the market share of retailers like toys R us.

Today, killers Category confront the threat of Amazon and e-Commerce in General. Due to the low prices, one-stop shopping and convenience, E-Commerce is destroying the economy of big box retailers, and much of that area fell below critical levels of retail productivity. Best buy, despite the lack of brick and mortar competitor, is trying to rebuild. And even Walmart is concluded that most of their supermarkets are becoming unprofitable.

However, some big box category killers, may still be able to defend your economy Category, if they can create a compelling shopping experience. To do this, they will have to join instant gratification, personal selling, unique range of feelings and showroom experience that borders on entertainment. They may also need to shrink their stores to maintain maximum flexibility, and the combination clicks with their bricks, as Walmart is doing right now.

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