The international organization of securities commissions – IOSCO

What is the international organization of securities commissions – IOSCO’

The international organization of securities commissions (iosco) is a global cooperative of securities regulatory agencies that aims to establish and maintain international standards for efficient, orderly and fair market. The stated goals of IOSCO are:

  • To maintain high standards of regulation for orderly and efficient markets
  • Share information with exchanges and assist them with technical and operational questions
  • To set standards for monitoring global investment transactions across borders and markets

Breaking down the ‘international organization of securities commissions – IOSCO’

There are more than 218 members in the International organization of securities commissions (iosco) in February 2018. Membership is divided into three categories. These include:

  • Ordinary members, which include primary futures markets and securities regulators in a given jurisdiction. Each ordinary member has one vote.
  • Associate members who consist of additional futures and securities regulators in those jurisdictions that have multiple regulators. Associate members have no vote and are not suitable for the Executive Committee, but are members of the Committee of presidents.
  • Associate members, which include self-regulatory organizations, stock exchanges, stock market and industry associations. These members are non-voting and not eligible for either the Executive Committee or a Committee of the President, but may be members of self-regulatory organizations (SRO) consultative Committee.

In IOSCO consists of several committees, which meet at conferences held around the world several times a year. Its the headquarters of the General Secretariat based in Madrid. It has four regional committees and a technical Committee which does most of the regulating activities of the organization.

The history of IOSCO

In 1983 the inter-American regional Association that was formed in 1974, has expanded its operations in the global society, which became the IOSCO. The first regulators from outside of America to join the IOSCO was from Indonesia, France, Korea and the United Kingdom. The first annual conference of IOSCO will take place outside South America was in July in Paris the annual conference of 1986.

At present, IOSCO is working in more than 100 countries, covering more than 90% of the world market and is considered a source of global standards in the market. In 1998, he approved the principles for financial market infrastructures, which serves as a benchmark for securities markets worldwide. In February, there was published a methodology for how to achieve these targets. The work of IOSCO received a high appraisal at the highest levels of power, especially in the aftermath of 9/11, as transactions between the various countries was the need for a more thorough inspection and regulation.

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