The Bulls Are Starting To Worry About The Availability Of Tesla Inc

In Tesla Ink. (Nasdaq:CLA), the bulls raged. Over the past year, Ford motor co. (Indexf) has done better for investors than the TSLA stock. The market capitalization of Ford motor company is now in the range of $3 billion in Elon Musk’s electric wonder-car company, and General motors Corp. (Ticker NYSE:GM) is now $5 billion ahead.

Tesla is because of statement of profit may 2, with analysts expecting a loss of $4.45 per share on revenue of $ 3.14 billion. That would be less business than it did in December, but losses grew worse over the year, with the company unable to hit even these low targets.

Bears have their claws out. They call it the end of the game. They call CEO Elon Musk to escape. Some want him gone.

For those who rode the stock up to heaven, it’s all very humiliating. But this time, to save on TSLA stock?

Ripping Off Tesla

The biggest news hitting the company may be dismantled model 3 is made with Munro and Partners, Auburn hills, mi design consultant.

They like the design, but to conclude that the production is crappy. The fit, finish and quality is inferior for the price, Monroe concluded.

The scale of production has always been the company’s Achilles heel. I wrote about this almost two years ago, “a boring story that should not be ignored”. If Tesla cannot scale production while maintaining quality, I wrote, the rest doesn’t matter.

Elon Musk was trying to sleep in the factory, he attempted changing of the managers and he tried to replace robots with people. He used a production engineer Sheena Patterson to brag about how things are improving. But this is where 100-year-old Tesla’s usual opponents questions.

Tesla is becoming a dangerous place to work.

Problems Autopilot

That is the Autopilot. That’s not what I focused on, because a sports car should be driven, not to drive yourself. But it becomes clear that Tesla is now too far behind in this area.

Tesla now replaces it with a third Autopilot of the designer in 18 months, Jim Keller, after an offer of Intel Corporation (Nasdaq:INTC).

This is a month after Apple. (Indexshares aapl) engineer Walter Juan died after complaining repeatedly about company Autopilot.

The problem is that the rivals are not standing still waiting for Tesla to scale. They know the scale, and now they’re focusing all your energy on electric technology and autopilots.

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The bottom line, TSLA stock

Tesla has been scaling production of batteries and solar panels. Battery lasts longer than expected, and the solar tiles are on the roof in California.

That last is very important, because the tiles should not only cost less to install than panels, but do not require lengthy approvals, which slowed down solar panels on residential roofs. They all need a waterproof backing and wooden frame. They go to the roof, not a solar installation.

But as the fourth quarter, tsla stock is clear, energy generation and storage is only one-tenth of the revenue.

At some point Tesla has to become a real car company, is judged not on its capacity or its growth, but in size and profits. Investors are still paying four times the sales volume for the CLA shares, while GM sells for slightly more than one-third of its sales. The sale of the company is not an option. The price paid at a public market unavailable from any other automaker.

Travel USA germination Nissan leafs, bolts, Chevy, and Toyota Priuses in abundance. The success of Tesla depends on its making their cars so soon.

Company Dana Blankenhorn-financial and technical journalist. He is the author of historical mystery romance the reluctant detective, time travel, is now available on Amazon Kindle store. Write to him at [Email protected] or follow him on Twitter @danablankenhorn. At the time of this writing, he owned shares in F.




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