Tesla to recall thousands of car models in China

Tesla Inc (Nasdaq:TSLA,) is preparing to withdraw 8,898 model s vehicles in China.

Source: Tesla Motors

According to a report from watchdog of China for quality review of Tesla model s vehicles sold in the country will begin on 28 June 2018. The report States that this review is in conjunction with a big ad in the last month.

Tesla recall in the past month related to the steering in model cars that were made before April 2016. The opinion reported at that time was approximately 123 000 vehicles of model s, according to Reuters.

Tesla model s recall due to excessive corrosion of the bolts in the steering component of the supply. This can result in vehicles becoming increasingly difficult to steer. The company notes that it is not felt while traveling at high speed, but noticeably slower.

The automaker says there’s really nothing no accidents or damage due to corrosion of the steering bolts. He also notes that he saw only in areas where use of calcium or magnesium road salt. Despite this, he is still Recalling the vehicles to replace bolts.

Tesla says it will notify customers when the repair will be ready in its field. It is only expected that the process will take about an hour and will not charge clients anything for the service. He also notes that the opinion does not affect the model 3 and model x vehicles.

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