Tailored Advertising

What is ‘tailored advertising’

Specialist advertising focuses on the needs and desires of a small set of people or an individual consumer, and not for a mass audience. Subject (or targeted) advertising may focus on any specific demographic characteristics, habits, distinguishing features, behaviour and context consumers. For example, advertisers would tailor the message or promotion to the target consumer gender, race, income or education level, employment, personality, interest, lifestyle, values and much more. They can also adapt the advertisement or promotion with the Internet search habits of the person, purchase history or other online activities. This emphasis on the personal information included in the Internet and especially social media, allows advertisers to send better messages to consumers and reduce waste compared to traditional print, radio and outdoor advertising.

The Penetration Of ‘Tailored Advertising’

Tailored advertising allows advertisers to serve customers with targeted communication with trusted clients. It has become a more common method with the Internet because companies have the ability to track individual consumer behavior more readily. Advertisers are willing to use data drawn from social networks and use search, use and habits (use of cookies), browsing habits on the Internet Protocol enabled television, television viewing and web browsing habits to display ads. In addition, advertisers can show ads based on socio-economic groups, typical behavior, depending on the time of day, and the potential customer and his behavior. With this information, advertisers can build an accurate picture of a potential client’s attitudes, opinions, Hobbies and interests. Advertisers can also create tailored advertising based on the past viewing the product and purchasing habits of consumers in what’s called “retargeting”.

Given The Effectiveness Of Advertising

Tailored advertising allows advertisers to reduce waste, avoiding the immune served is individual (one unlikely to buy the advertised product or service). In addition, content marketing has shown to be more effective than traditional outbound marketing, but costs much less. It can also attract more potential customers with the message, as the majority of people skip TV ads and nearly half ignore direct mail.

Specialized Advertising Examples

Tailored advertising may involve providing a coupon for a certain type of goods or services based on past purchases, using demographic information to present an advertising message to a specific segment of the market, or the launch of a campaign developed for a specific city or metro. Because it is more specialized, tailored advertising, typically is more expensive to develop than mass-market advertising.

Another example of a consumer buying milk at the grocery store, where he is a member of the program who are loyal. The loyalty program collects information on buying habits of consumers, and has the ability to compare what the consumer buys what the other buyers are buying. The information he gathers suggests that most consumers buy milk and bread. The cashier at the store can print a coupon for 10% of the price of bread.

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