Small office/Home office – SOHO

The definition of ‘Small office/Home office’

Small office/Home office (SOHO) refers to small businesses that are often out of the house, or even practical. They usually have less than 10 employees.

Breaking down the ‘Small office/Home office’

Small office/Home office (SOHO) is small, and their owners are often self-employed or work remotely. Workers began to telecommute in the 1980-ies, after the invention of the personal computer. Thanks to cloud computing, the ability for office workers to work from home took off after the invention of the Internet, and came of age.

In the economy based on knowledge, an increasing number of enterprises operate virtual offices. They don’t have physical premises at all, or hire coworking events where self-employed people share office space and services to determine a phone number of the caller, meeting rooms and video conferencing.

Small businesses, as a rule, white-collar workers, such as entrepreneurs, lawyers, consultants, accountants, bookkeepers and financial advisors who may not need a formal office meetings with clients or who have no formal project management in their homes.

Work from home is becoming increasingly popular, both for workers and employers. Employers use a much larger number of potential workers, as we highlight in our ultimate work from home guide.

In the US, in 2018, about half of firms at home and about a quarter of the working population teleworks regularly, especially in the field of information technology, construction, professional, scientific and technical services. This is a huge market for home office equipment and information technology.

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