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The definition of ‘shooter’

Gunslinger is a slang term for an aggressive portfolio Manager. The shooter often uses high-risk investment of technology, we hope to produce a large profit. Not given the long-term value of the company underlying the stock, arrows to look at the stock momentum and seek to benefit from short-term trades based on sudden movements in the stock price.

Breaking down ‘the shooter’

Shooter aggressive portfolio Manager who uses high technology investment risk to get maximum returns. Arrows look at the anticipated acceleration in stock prices, profit or income. They take an aggressive stance to capitalize on sudden movements in the market. Arrows use leverage and margin to increase their yield.

Arrows rarely hold stocks for a long period. Arrows usually high returns in bull markets, but their losses are above average in bear markets. This risk can lead to high reward at times, but overall loss of portfolios often outweigh the benefits. Many investors do not have the risk tolerance to watch the shooter to manage all your portfolio. Investors can put a small percentage of risk capital in the Fund for the shooter.

Arrows are very aggressive in their trading strategies, often using leverage and margin you have to shoot at a higher yield. They can achieve some spectacular wins, but, as a rule, in the long term, their portfolio losses often outweigh the benefits, as in the case of the most active investment strategies. Investment Manager Fred Alger was considered a shot in the bull market of the 1960-ies.

Hands and market timing

The arrow to enter into the form or the time on the market. Market timing is the act of moving in and out of the market or switching between asset classes based on the use of forecasting methods such as technical indicators or economic data. Because it is extremely difficult to predict the future direction of the stock market, investors who try to time the market, especially mutual Fund investors, tend to outperform investors who remain invested.

Some investors, especially scientists, believe that it is impossible in the market. Other investors, particularly active traders, believe strongly in market timing. Thus, whether the market can really depends on your point of view. What we can say with confidence, it is very difficult to successfully consistently on the market in the long term. For the average investor who does not have the time or desire to watch the market on a daily basis, there are good reasons to avoid market timing and focus on investing for the long term.

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