The definition of a ‘push’

And push out one of two ways to implement a stock split. To push out new stock certificates are sent to existing shareholders, without the need for them to pass their previous stock certificates. The shares on existing and new certificates have the same value.

Breaking down the ‘push’

To push out the method is less time consuming and more efficient than calling a method that produces a stock split by replacing existing share certificates owned by the shareholders of new share certificates.

Example to push

For example, if a company uses the push out method of stock split, the owner of 500 shares of the company, announced a 2-for-1 split will receive one share certificate for 500 shares. 500 shares old and new certificates of shares will have the same value.

Method of crushing, push or call in, do not affect the value of securities. They are purely administrative method to conduct a stock split.

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