The definition of ‘pig’

Pig is slang for an investor who is seen as greedy, having forgotten his or her original investment strategy to focus on securing unrealistic future gains. After getting these investors often have very high expectations about future prospects of investment and, therefore, do not sell their position to realize a profit.

Breaking down the ‘pig’

Like a pig in the farmyard that overindulges in feed, this type of investor will hold the investment even after a substantial movement in the hope that the investment will be even greater profits.

An example of the pig in investing

For example, suppose Joe invests in XYZ Corp. since the stock is undervalued. After the stock doubled its price in two months, Joe keeps the whole investment, hoping it will again in the next two months in half, instead of having to sell some investments to make a profit. Joe, so piggish investor because he is greedy for huge gains and allows his greed to supersede his original investment strategy value.

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