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What is a ‘Phoenix dollars

$ Phoenix was the type of Private Currency created in October 2005 by a man named Gordon Hayes. Hayes has given money in the form of a silver discs, bars and electronic funds. He argued that all the electronic enterprise, had the support of silver, which he kept in a safe vault. In the end, Hayes also began to issue silver banknotes, which functioned as a traditional silver certificates. These slips of paper means that the owner has stated the amount of actual silver.

In may 2018, the former the official website for dollars Phoenix is no longer working and the domain was available for sale.

Penetration ‘$ Feniks ‘

Name $ Phoenix from out of town Phoenix, Arizona. Instead, the name comes from the mythical Phoenix, which will continue to grow, rising from the ashes. According to Hayes, the title was, “metaphorically representative of the death of the old currency and birth of the new.”

Hayes created the Phoenix dollar, in part, to help people to protect their wealth in times of political or economic instability. He believes that the United States dollar (USD) will collapse and consider your business as a way “to promote and teach freedom.”

According to Hayes, $ Feniks is a way to stimulate a barter economy. The use of currency not issued by any government, could prevent war and to stop the growth of the Empire. Further, Hayes believed that the government will not participate in the conflict against “does not threaten Nations,” if the war is the depletion of the silver supply. On the contrary, he noted, under the current economic system, Central banks can simply issue, or print if more currency to the Treasury of the country became depleted through war.

While this is technically true, the economy shows that printing more money leads to inflation, which should be regulated by the government or the Central Bank. Given that the Currency was, in fact, the silver, the value of the pegs to the market price of silver. Thus, if silver is trading at $16 per ounce on Monday, in one ounce Phoenix dollar was worth $16. If the price of silver rose to $18 on Friday, the cost of Phoenix drive the dollar rose $2 this week.

Private currency dollars Phoenix

Other people also tried to create and promote their own currencies, with varying degrees of success. The law limits private money, issued and secured by physical commodities, such as gold or silver in many countries.

  • Continentals were the paper money used in the United States during the American revolutionary war, extended to Finance the war effort.
  • Stroud pound a local, Private Currency introduced in the British town of Stroud, Gloucestershire, in September 2009.
  • The calgary dollar is a local Currency developed and used only in calgary, Alberta, Canada. Calgary dollars are part of an initiative to inspire local consumers to shop close to home.
  • In the Totnes pound is an alternative Currency of Totnes, in the County of Devon, UK was introduced in 2007.
  • In 2018 the ten anniversary of the Lewes pound is the national currency for use in Lewes, East Sussex, UK. Lewes pounds are accepted only by local businesses and merchants.

One of the clearest examples of private currency is Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency will be monitored by the safety technology of the blockchain. Today, Bitcoin is mined and traded throughout the world, although it does not support neither the government, Central Bank or organization. Many other cryptocurrencies have followed in the footsteps of bitcoin, though no one has made of its popularity.

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