Permanent Objective

The definition of a long-term goal’

Long-term goal is a public statement concerning the main principles of the company, defining values, as well as short and long term goals. The intrinsic goal is largely similar to the mission and serves to provide leadership, both past and present direction. An enduring purpose can cover both financial and non-financial objectives.

Statement of enduring purpose may also contain the organization’s “goal” is different, as well as its policy statement, which outlines what the country wants and what goals it seeks to develop in the future. Thus, the long-term objective can consist of the organization’s mission, stated values and its vision of the future.

Breaking down the ‘enduring purpose’

Unchanged the company’s goal defines the business and tries to describe its vision and core values. This is the guiding principle that all employees should follow. Durable goals can be very important for those who wish to invest in companies that are in sync with their own values. For example, the green movement even spawned its own index. For example, recently Agency Standard & Poor’s introduced a new “carbon-efficient index” with the participation of leading companies in emerging markets that are environmentally conscious and state, as part of their ongoing goal.

Statements on long-term goals are sometimes used to include a statement of the organization’s mission, statement of values, and vision all in the same document (often included on the web site of the organization).

An example of a permanent objective

The following example is a permanent objective of the organization, taken from the Lutheran Concordia University in Ann arbor, Michigan:

“Our Goal
Core values Concordia University and mission long-term goals Express the University identity; the meaning of its existence as a place of Lutheran higher education. General fidelity research schools the main goal of the management of Concordia, programs and initiatives.

Concordia University Ann arbor is a Lutheran higher education community committed to helping students develop in mind, body and spirit for service to Christ in the Church and the world.

To keep the Biblical and Confessional teachings of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, members of the Board of Trustees and Foundation Board of Concordia University, President, and staff of the University will act in accordance with the core values listed below.

Christ-centered: Concordians to have faith in the atoning work of Jesus Christ.
Truth and honesty: Concordians to speak the truth and honesty in our relationship.
Perfection: Concordians to expect perfection in all our endeavours in support of the mission of the University.
Services: Concordians to serve others in caring, helpful, respectful, and knowledgeable ways.
Faculty, management, staff, students and alumni to fulfill the mission of Concord every day as they pursue the bright path to the future.

The vision of Concordia should be well known nationally and internationally as a Premier Lutheran Christian University, widely praised for the full integration of faith and learning. Graduates will assume the great responsibility of servant leadership in the Church and communities across the country and around the world.”

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