Organization Multicultural

What is a Multicultural Organization’

A multicultural organization has a workforce that includes people from different backgrounds are integrated at all levels of the company. People in multicultural organizations contribute their unique perspectives based on their different nationalities, cultures, traditions, and other unique characteristics for the benefit of their organizations. Multicultural organization also displays an absence of discrimination and prejudice with skill, talent and ability are the main criteria for promotion in the corporate ladder.

Breaking Down The ‘Multicultural Organization’

The benefits of a multicultural organization are many; they include higher levels of innovation, greater success in marketing to the minority and export markets, and better distribution of opportunities. In addition, the establishment of such a working force that not only includes people from various racial, religious and gender backgrounds, as well as characteristics of minorities, which are widely represented and integrated at all levels of the company, may have a wider perspective that can help in the identification and exploitation of new markets and customers, as well as the creation of new products and services. Multicultural organizations, by design, can help to avoid the phenomenon of “group think”, as they usually feature different points of view. These advantages usually outweigh the negative factors such as higher levels of cultural conflict and the potential for fear and resentment among some staff, which could lead to higher rates of staff turnover.

Trends In Multicultural Organizations

The tendency to try to create more diverse workplaces is consistent with the demographic changes in more economically developed countries of the West. In the US, the population has become more racially and ethnically diverse over the past two decades. As such, the goal of employers is to create a workforce that resembles the demographic composition of the total population, as well as to conform to a more diverse client base. In particular, hiring managers can identify and resolve cases of discrimination and cultural bias in hiring.

Methods Multicultural Organizations

Multicultural organizations require senior management and human resources staff to spend more time thinking about how best to develop, manage and motivate a much more diverse workforce. This is especially true of employers who are starting from scratch; creating an environment that facilitates multinational organization requires considerable effort. The key to this effort stating (and repeating) the overall goals of the organization. With such a clearly defined objective to rally around, a cultural perspective may be directed to a valuable diversity of views. As a rule, the creation of a multicultural organization starts at the top and requires clear communication of learning objectives and continuous monitoring. Managers must also recognize that when differences arise, they can individual in nature and have nothing to do with culture, background, or other characteristics.


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