New Advisor trump is likely to lead to an increase in PANW, flip side, shares of BB

Incoming national security Advisor to President trump, John Bolton, who believes in the launch of “disproportionate” attacks against countries that happened to America and American companies with cyber attacks, in accordance with politico.

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Given that the national security Advisor is, in many ways, the most influential foreign policy assistant to the President (because, unlike the Secretary of state and Secretary of defense, the national security adviser working in the White house, alongside President), there is a very good chance that President trump will listen Bolton’s advice and respond to any cyber attacks against America with a massive counterattack.

Of course, as several experts quoted by politico noted, massive, retaliatory cyber attacks on the United States government may cause additional cyber-attack on our enemies. Given that the background of American businesses in General, and the U.S. government in particular will seek to strengthen its cyber defences. Although many cybersecurity companies will benefit from this trend, Palo Alto networks Inc (Ticker NYSE:PANW) shares, BlackBerry Ltd (Ticker NYSE:BB) stock, and fireeye Inc (Nasdaq:flip side) shares look the best rally from such a development. Investors should buy shares of these companies.

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New Advisor trump is likely to increase Palo Alto networks Inc (PANW) stock

Trump administration was working“ to get the Federal government to embrace cloud computing,” and Palo Alto networks Inc (Ticker NYSE:PANW) said that it “is the Federal government” to “ensure public, hybrid and private cloud systems.”

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In addition, as I noted in a previous article, Palo Alto works closely with clients, Inc. and (code Nasdaq:weekly) web services Amazon cloud offering, and two “key products are focused on providing cloud security.”

In addition, the company provides many services to public authorities and should also take advantage of how large private companies to increase its cyber security to prepare for possible attacks on America’s enemies.

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New Advisor trump is likely to lead to an increase in BlackBerry Ltd (BB) stock

Believe it or not, BlackBerry Ltd (Ticker NYSE:BB) has become a major player in the U.S. Federal it security market. Reporting of the company’s U.S. Federal business in BlackBerry’s recent second quarter results conference in September, CEO John Chen said that the EXPLOSIVES “were 23 deals worth more than $100,000, of which 7 of them were larger than 500K, and 5 deals over $1 million,” the search for alpha transcript.

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In addition, Chen said that BlackBerry has received a major contract security he wins the U.S. state and local governments, as well as from foreign governments. Finally, the CEO said that BlackBerry is “the only cloud services for crisis management certified by the US government”.

As the threat of cyber attacks from other countries increases, Federal agencies will probably look to implement anti-crisis management decisions.

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New Advisor trump is likely to lead to an increase in fireeye Inc. (flip side) shares

If there are several massive cyber attacks on American business and government, fireeye Inc (Nasdaq:flip side) and eventually completely ready to benefit greatly.

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When Sony Corporation (SN index) block cinema suffered a massive cyber attack (which was indicted in North Korea), and was eventually called in to deal with the situation. As a result, was called in after cyber attacks on equifax, and in 2013, Bloomberg named him “leaving to the defendant for cyber-attacks.”

This type of the incoming national security adviser on issues of cyberwarfare, there is a good chance that the US and their companies will become targets for cyber attacks from other countries. In light of this situation, the objects will look to improve their defenses, creating great opportunities for the stock of Palo Alto and BlackBerry stock. And if cyber attacks occur, and the flip side, fireeye shares have significant benefits.

At the moment, Larry Kramer owns shares of BlackBerry.

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