The definition of a ‘less-than-car’

Less-than-car or less-than-loan (LTL), is a service to deliver a relatively small cargo or goods. Less-than-car services offer a large national postal services and specialized logistics services providers. These services can meet the needs of shipping countless businesses that need to move goods frequently and in small batches. Less-than-car shippers to offer economies of scale, so shipping costs to individual shippers are minimized.

Breaks less-than-car’

Company providing less-than-car services can range from specialized services developed for this particular problem, for example, a business that caters to urban markets in the region, large national transport company trucks that carry goods to customers all over the country. The transport company can combine loads and requirements for the carriage of goods of various companies on their trucks, making it more cost-effective than hiring an entire truck for one small load. Less-than-car shipping requires a high degree of coordination and complex logistics planning to ensure maximum profitability. Information systems are critical for both shippers and customers.

Less-than-wagon in the age of electronic Commerce

Less-than-car services is becoming increasingly important in the modern economy. With the inexorable growth of e-Commerce, fast delivery of products to customers are a requirement for companies competing for sales. This means that their products must be inventoried in warehouses or distribution centers near to customers at all times. Often, the company will not wait for the wholesaler does not have enough inventory, so that it can ship a full truckload replenishment. Instead, it will often ship less than a truck to reduce the risk of potential loss of sales from lack of inventory for long-distance clients. Shipping charges of products may be gradually higher and the delivery time can be longer than for a given total the car, but is more reliable inventory availability.

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