Julian Robertson

Who ‘Julian Robertson’

Julian Robertson, known as the “father of hedge funds” and master “wall Street” is a legendary investor. He is best known for the creation of Tiger management in 1980. Robertson closed the door on the tigers in 2000 and since then is actively involved in mentoring younger managers, hedge funds and charitable enterprises, focusing on higher education and medical research.

Breaking Down The ‘Julian Robertson’

Julian Robertson was born in Salisbury, North Carolina in 1933 and graduated from the University of North Carolina in 1955. After two years in the Navy, Robertson joined the new York office of Kidder, Peabody and Co. as a retail broker in 1957. He climbed the company ranks and eventually became head of his Department to asset management known as Webster securities. Robertson left Kidder, Peabody for a one-year internship in New Zealand in 1979.

While in New Zealand, Robertson came up with the idea for the new Fund. He founded Tiger management, one of the first hedge Fund back in new York in 1980. Robertson used the original assets is about $ 8 million. The tiger’s assets grew over the next two decades to $ 22 billion. The success of the Fund is credited with the Robertson’s ability to identify investment opportunities within the global macro trading strategies. In the late 1990-ies, Robertson was also known for his avoidance of technology investments in accumulation shares of Internet companies in the late 1990-ies. This refusal was a double-edged sword to control the tiger. The Fund performed well during a possible collapse of the bubble, but suffers from capital flight, as investors withdrew their money in silicon valley.

Julian Robertson in the 21st century

Robertson eliminated the Tiger Fund in 2000 after a period of poor performance. He wrote that the success of the Tiger was based on a rational approach to the evaluation and trade and that this strategy was less effective along with the irrational growth of the shares of Internet companies. In the following years, Robertson has focused his efforts on learning slate and the hedge Fund managers are known as “Cubs”. Known members of this group include John Griffin of blue ridge capital, OLE Andreas Halvorsen of Viking global, and Steve Mandel of lone pine capital.

Robertson is actively involved in charity work, as turning away from the management of the Fund. He founded scholarships in his Alma mater and Duke University and is committed to “the giving pledge”, in the framework of the campaign launched by bill gates and Warren Buffett. Robertson also worked extensively in New Zealand, the acquisition of a handful of luxury hotels across the country.

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