Head of information and CIO

The definition of ‘head of information and CIO’

Chief information or chief information officer, is a Director of the company is responsible for the management, implementation and usability of information and computer technologies. Dit shows you how these technologies will benefit the company or improve an existing business process, and then integrated into the system to realize that benefit or improvement.

The number of CIOs has increased significantly with the increased use of it and computer technology in the business. It Director deals with such matters as the creation of a website that allows company to attract more customers or integrating new software tools, to help better manage the use of reserves.

Breaking down the ‘head of information and CIO’

The role of CIO changed over the decades. In the 1980-ies, the position was more technical in nature, as companies have their own internal computers, databases, and communications networks. In 2010 years, thanks to cloud computing, wireless communications, big data Analytics and mobile devices, it strategy development and computer systems that keep businesses competitive in a rapidly changing global market. The main duty of the modern CIO to predict future trends of computer technologies that give businesses an edge over others. Day-to-day operations to maintain computer systems in General, falls on the person known as chief operating officer he is.

Qualification it

Enterprises usually require that the it Director has a bachelor’s degree in related fields such as computer science, information systems, it management, or database administration. A master’s degree in business administration, in conjunction with a computer degree, can help the CIO run the business of strategy development, hiring and budgeting.

Skills Required

It needs to use more hard and soft skills to succeed in this job. CIOs should know how to do business, because the work requires a lot of knowledge in regard to how the company works from top to bottom. CIOs must also be aware of technological trends, because this may change in the next two to three years. This type need to be human, to build relationships within the company with other executives and colleagues in the field. CIOs should know how each Department carries out work to define the technology needs of each division of the company, and this person must Excel in communication. The ability to translate technical terms so that his employees can easily understand, is mandatory.


The role of the CIO is often well paid. The head of the company, which occupies the highest positions in the firm on average about $200,000 a year in 2014. Wages ranged from $153,000 to $246,750. In small companies, it Directors, tend to make less money and have different job titles. Small businesses can have an it Manager, Senior database Manager, the chief of security or head of application development.

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