Golden Geese

What is a ‘Golden goose’

Golden Goose, or the goose that lays the Golden eggs, is a source of income or profit. For the owner of a retail business this could be the buyers that you intend to spend a lot of money. From the point of view of the government, it could relate to the high income that are expected to pay a lot of taxes. For investors, the Golden goose may refer to investments which are expected to bring high profits, or assets that continually generate income.

Breaking down the ‘Golden goose’

Golden geese, as the term can be traced back to one of the two sources. The first fable of Aesop the goose that laid the Golden eggs, warning against greed. Instead of having to settle for a small but steady income, the offer Gus, a couple who owned a goose killed him in an attempt to extract all the gold at once and end up with nothing. A more modern interpretation of this tale violet in the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, who so desperately wants the goose that lays the Golden eggs, she risks life and limb in pursuit of her, and ultimately losing its bid for the ownership of a chocolate factory on the way.

The second is tales of the brothers Grimm tale “the Golden Goose” in which people will be rewarded for their generosity with goose feathers made of gold. When other people try to pluck the feathers, they will be punished for their greed: the first will be stuck in the goose, and other people get stuck with each other.

An example of a ‘Golden goose’

Financial example of the Golden Goose will be the person who inherits 100,000$. They are faced with a choice: either to put money in the Bank and monthly withdrawals to Supplement their income or investments in the amount of$ 100,000, guaranteeing that the money will continue to work on them in the form of monthly dividends. In this example, 100 000 for the goose, and dividends the Golden eggs. As the fable goes, You don’t want to kill the goose, spending money and cutting off possible future revenues, but instead you want to keep the goose around.

An example of a Golden Goose in retail conditions will be affluent customers, who often visits the store and spends large sums of money every time. The owner of the boutique will benefit more from the power supply to the whim of the buyer, and making sure the customer feels valued and special enough that the buyer will return to lay Golden eggs.

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