Gap Demand Up

What is ‘the gap demand up

Gap demand upward of a candlestick formation that is commonly used to signal the continuation of the current trend.

Breaking down ‘the gap demand up

Gap demand up, clearance candles that can be identified to support the upward trend. It can also be known as a bullish gap up the demand or the demand gap. This gap is also having a negative pattern that happens in the currency market and is known as the break the demand down. These models predicted, comes from the Japanese technical analysis.

Gap demand up is one of the many break patterns that can form through a bullish trend. Supporting the trend break patterns, typically used in combination with the gap demand up to add a confirmation of bullish trading strategy.


The disadvantages are significant price changes that typically occur from one day to the next. In some situations, they may have a certain depth that helps to confirm certain signals. A typical technical analysis candlestick patterns gap will be determined within two to three trading days. Thus, the gap patterns usually emerge in combination with other related patterns to confirm their validity.

The Demand Of Building Up The Gap

Break the pattern of demand upward is formed when a series of candlesticks have demonstrated the following:

1. The first bar is a candlestick within a defined uptrend.

2. The second bar is another white candle with open price, that there is a gap above the previous bar’s close.

3. The final touch is a red candle that closes in the gap between the first two bars. It is important to note that the red candle should not fully close the gap.

In the technical analysis of charts, it is not uncommon to see the price of the asset close the gap created earlier. Sometimes traders get ahead of themselves and send the price too quickly, which could lead to a small correction. Red candle that forms break up the demand in a period of slight consolidation before the bulls continue to send the price higher.

Trend Indicators

Gaps demand up can occur at any time in the technical structure of the bullish trend. Bullish patterns usually follow a cycle that begins with a breakaway gap, confirming the reversal, and then a few stray tears, followed by a break of exhaustion. How candlestick pattern is in an uptrend, it will form an ascending channel. This channel created by two positive sloping lines on the peak and through levels candlestick pattern. It can be common for gap demand up occurs within the rising channel, which also includes an intermediate gap, runaway gap and exhaustion gap.

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