Form 1095-C

What is form 1095-C’

Form 1095-C, employer-provided Health Insurance offer and of the insurance indemnity, which is tax form tax reporting information about the health coverage of the employee, provided the applicable large employer. The information from this form also helps to identify the taxpayer entitled to the credit, such as a premium tax credit.

Breaking the form 1095-C’

Recipients who receive a 1095-a tax form are employees of applicable large employers (Ale) members. Applicable large employers at least 50 full-time employees, including full-time employees on average during the calendar year. Ales are governed by the General provisions employer responsibility and employer information reporting provisions of the affordable care Act. The qualifications for this designation are reviewed each calendar year. The purpose of form 1095-C, along with form 1095-a to determine whether an Ale member owes payments under the employer Shared responsibility provisions of the affordable care Act.

Employees who worked for more than one Ale in a calendar year will receive a 1095-C form from each employer. Health insurance is offered through insurance plan will be reported in the form 1095-B. an individual enrolled in terms of the healthcare marketplace will receive form 1095-A.

Form 1095-C Sections

Form 1095-C-this background paper has not been filled by the taxpayer and will not be filed with your tax return.

  • Part I of the form contains information about the Ale member, including their name, address and phone number for questions on the validity of the form or report bugs.
  • Part II contains information on health insurance, if any, submitted by the employee. In addition to information about the plan, he also informs the employee required contributions.
  • Part III complete only if the employer offered insurance plan. It lists the names of the individuals, along with their SSNs and dob. This section also confirms uncovered months for members.

If parts I and II are only the completed sections, the employee also may take the form 1095-B, which provides proof of insurance coverage from the insurance company selected by the employer.

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