Equal pay day 2018: what You need to know about gender wage gap

Tuesday, 10 April equal pay day in 2018, in which we consider the wage differential between men and women.

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According to many studies of the gender wage gap has improved slightly for women about 80 cents per person dollar, but this study is very deceptive. If you consider women’s annual salary with the annual salary, the gap will be correct, but a more accurate way of measuring the gap by measuring a man and a woman with equal experience, equal years in their field and working the same hours.

The gap did not consider that women on average work fewer hours than men and less experienced than their male colleagues. The study hired and looked at 420,000 of interview requests and job offers among 10,000 companies and about 98,000 job applicants.

The panel found that during the first two years of working in tech, women ask for and get 98% of what men earn in the same job in the same company, the gap in pay is 98 cents to $1 at this stage. However, the gap in pay increases, as women and men gain more experience women-from seven to 10 years of experience are offered 93% of what men propose, and women from 13 to 14 years receive 92% of what men are paid for the same job with the same company.

Another big factor in the gap in pay comes from the fact that 54% of the difference can be attributed to “different jobs or industries,” which means that in General, men are in higher paying regions, according to glassdoor’s analysis.

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