Can my insurance company deny me coverage?


Insurance is not always as easy as other products, and insurers can refuse to cover in various instances.

The non-renewal of insurance

The insurance company is not obliged to renew the insurance policy for any of its policyholders. If the policyholder has excessive demands or changes in circumstances that make his or her insurance company may choose not to renew. In other cases, they can increase the premium to reflect increased risk.

Denied The Claim

Even if You pay your premiums regularly and on time, the insurance company may not pay you claims reports. First, the situation surrounding the claim may not be covered by the policy, because it is one of the listed exceptions. One example of this is if homeowners have a flood and file a claim with their insurance company. Because floods are not covered under homeowners insurance and flood insurance, these claims will likely be denied. Secondly, the claim cannot be more than the deductible, which means that the policyholder is responsible for payment. Finally, the insurance company can find the damage was caused by the insured which may allow them to deny the claim. (For associated reading, see: Will of application about payment of insurance compensation to raise rates?)

Refused To Politics

If you have one type of insurance with the carrier, which offers several lines of lighting, they are not obliged to approve any application that you submit for extra coverage. They will insure and evaluate your application just as any other applicant and will either approve or refuse policies based on the risks that you present.

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