Browser Fog

The definition of ‘fog browser’

Browser fog is an integral part of the ecosystem network for Ethereum dApps and offers a one-stop shop for running and perform a variety of Ethereum applications and projects.

Breaking down the ‘fog browser’

The content, features and functionality available in the network Ethereum can be used in two resource – fog purse and browser mist. The first is the conventional standard Wallet cryptocurrency that is used for storing, sending and receiving funds by bitcoin, although it differs from the Ethereum wallet. Fog purse running on the user’s computer, which means it must be downloaded, installed and run it on your computer. In contrast, Ethereum wallet is an online wallet, users need Internet access to log into the wallet.

Browser fog is an interface Ethereum, which allows users to access different dApps available in the Ethereum network. It is also known as Ethereum browser, dapp.

Understanding Browser Fog

Standard web browser like Chrome, FireFox or Internet Explorer allows users to access web sites like Yahoo, Facebook and Google. Such a comparison can be made for a variety of mobile apps available through Google play. Similarly, browser fog also allows users to access decentralized applications of Ethereum.

However, the word “browser” does not fully reflect the capabilities of the mist browser. It is not only display existing applications, this workbench, a set of tools for network decentralized blockchain of Ethereum. It is a tool specifically designed for non-technical users who can create, copy, use, configure, and launch any existing or new decentralized apps directly from your browser.

Some of the tasks that can be performed through the browser of fog include:

  • Generating the user has selected smart-contracts that aim to make business transactions safer and more reliable. Using the on-screen configuration screens, even non-technical users can easily create and execute various contracts and dApps through the browser fog
  • To enable people to pool their money in a decentralized crowdfunding solution that allows different people to contribute, invest and benefit from new and promising business proposals
  • The exchange of sensitive information in a secure way, which may be provided to select group of participants. For example, the majority of individuals to check weather updates on a daily basis, but the following key information needs that should be introduced only designated and qualified specialists. Browser fog allows the user to create a configuration through which the database can be created for public viewing.

In fact, the browser fog allows people to do things directly from the browser by offering them ready templates that allows them to build configurations and settings, and to perform the necessary actions, and not just act as an application or web site. (See. 6 innovative applications using the Ethereum network.)

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