Broker system support stand – BBSS

The definition of broker support system stand – BBSS’

Broker support system stand (BBSS) is a comprehensive electronic system used on the new York stock exchange (NYSE) to send orders between brokers and trading booths on the floor of the exchange. In the BBSS is an extremely efficient way a continuous flow of orders. Prior to its advent, brokers used paper forms and sent runners to give orders to traders “on the floor” for performance. On BBSS permits the stock exchanges to handle daily trading volumes of over one billion shares.

System penetration ‘Support broker Booth – BBSS’

Self-developed electronic order management system is installed on all kiosks on the floor. Brokers enter information into the system, leaving digital trails and time to preserve the integrity of the trading process throughout the day. With each press of the enter the system, transactions can be confirmed and disputes can be resolved quickly. Users can produced custom reports from all data collected and organized in the system. And BBSS quickly and efficiently, this is not immunity. There have been cases in the past when the system went down, causing a partial interruption in the processing of orders. Brokers on the floor had to go back to the old-fashioned method of writing orders on paper and run their trading stalls as temporary technical problems were solved. Robust functional redundancy has already been implemented to help prevent future problems with the system.

BBSS auxiliary devices

For greater efficiency and convenience in new York rolled out the e-broker handheld device for use on the floor and X-terminals sitting on the support site. Portable devices allow for mobility broker on the floor. X terminals are supplied on the NYSE and established clients, connecting to BBSS on the exchange floor, providing remote users with a full range of services BBSS.

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