Brand Awareness

What is brand awareness

Brand awareness is the level of consumer awareness about the brand and its related products. Creating brand awareness is one of the key steps in the promotion and marketing of products. Brand awareness is especially important when launching new products and services. This allows the company to differentiate itself from similar competitor’s offered products and services.

Breaking brand recognition

Of goods and services, maintaining a high level of brand awareness is likely to generate more sales. Consider the soft drink industry, in which many soft drinks indistinguishable similar. Companies such as Pepsi and Coca-Cola, use your brand to showcase their products and increase sales. For many years, these companies use strategies to increase brand awareness among consumers, which directly translated into higher sales volumes. This higher level of brand recognition, as a rule, serves as an economic moat that prevents competitors to get more market share.

Creating Brand Awareness Using Social Media

From 2017, Internet users spent about 135 minutes (2.25 hours) daily on social media sites. As a result, companies find great value in forming brand awareness on these platforms. Consumers discussing products and services of interest and the fact that the vast majority of cases satisfied their specific needs and desires.

In addition, consumers also share adverse experiences, and often at a higher rate than satisfactory of them. Thus, stimulating the interest of consumers and promotion of a brand is a strategic process. As the opinion of consumers and to interact with social media updates and messages, brand awareness will increase. For brand awareness to be the most productive, consumers should be able to connect to the web site of the company easy social media platform. It is also very important for the company to respond to negative reviews and offer a solution to the problem of the client.

Other ways to create brand awareness

Although print media is not as prominent as it once was, there are still consumers who read Newspapers and magazines. Ads are placed strategically, for example, in the target field on the page or in the special editions, you can draw the viewer’s attention and create brand awareness. For example, a new company that will trade on Forex (Forex) can be placed in a prominent magazine that focuses on global trade and currency in order to create brand awareness with investors.

Display of product or services at the physical location may create or increase brand awareness. Buy impulse products are good for in-store distribution and advertising. The company is marketing a new candy bar to distribute the product at the point-of-sale (POS) the place to create brand awareness.

Sponsoring community events is another effective way to create brand awareness. Charity, sports activities and social awareness fundraisers allow prominent visibility of company name and logo. For example, insurance companies can increase brand awareness by distributing additional company-branded first aid kit in a charity marathon. The participants associate the company with acts of good will and as a member of the community that increases awareness and brand promotion.

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