Association of government accountants (Aga)

What Associations public accountants (Aga)’

Association of government accountants (Aga) is an Association of financial professionals who work for the US government or any government Agency. Aha works to promote the interests of its members in various capacities, e.g. through publications, events, training, awards and efforts to create community. It also provides professional education and sets professional standards for public accounting competence.

Breaking down the Association of government accountants (Aga)’

Founded in 1950, the Association of public accountants was originally named the Federal Association of public accountants. It offers its members a variety of professional resources, including certifications, conferences, continuing education and other opportunities to help improve your knowledge, contacts, and career goals. The organization and its membership have a commitment to transparency and accountability, which is used in the development of accounting standards and auditing and improving the organization and management public financial management. Aga offered its certified government financial Manager accounts that measures the competence of the individual in governmental accounting, auditing, financial reporting, internal controls and budgeting at the Federal, state and local levels since 1994. It produces the journal of government financial management on a quarterly basis.

The Association of public accountants membership

Aga has over 14 000 members, which include a wide range of roles, titles and experience. According to the Aha, its membership consists of elected officials, executives, middle managers, ordinary employees and students, work in the government Financial management professions, including accounting, auditing, budgeting, financial reporting, grants management, contract management and information systems. Financial professionals working in state and local governments account for 42% of Aga members; members of the Federal government are 28%; the private sector accounted for 18%; and scholars, students, and seniors make up 12%. Members of the Aha to interact and through a network of local chapters, national events, and to take a leading role in the organization. More than 2,000 financial professionals, attend professional conferences for the Association each year.

The Association of public accountants law

Aga offers several types of membership such as:

  • The government ($100/year): available to individuals who work directly for government organizations, the scientific community and non-profit organizations, but not including contractors performing work for such groups.
  • The private sector (160 $/year): available to individual entrepreneurs and those who work for private companies, corporations or partnerships.
  • Young professional (45 $/year) for young workers with less than three years with any experience.
  • Student (free): free electronic membership for students who are not working.
  • Pensioners (35 $/year); for current members of the Aha that are permanently retired.
  • Life (free): awarded to citizens for 40 years of membership yeah. Such membership is awarded annually in January to recognize his service, yeah.
  • Groups: the government group of five or more people can be given discounts on training events yeah.

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