American Express company is still double-digit play

American Express company (Ticker NYSE:AXP) has a pretty good last year. He was ahead of the S&P 500 by more than 50% during this time.

With revenues coming in at the end of the trading day today, it is likely that the good times will continue to work. This is the first major loan companies in the report, but they will lead AFB this week.

Credit card companies mostly leverage the financial sustainability of the economic recovery. When times are good, there is money flowing through the system, wages are rising, consumers and businesses for processing of orders.

Because amex takes advantage of the growing costs, this is the perfect market. But when the trend starts to fizzle out, AHR is more challenging. Then it’s a question of how well he is able to get through the hard times, when the field was delayed and business is becoming thinner.

AHR was started 168 years ago in new York, so after a few rough years.

It was actually the birthplace of wells Fargo and Co (NYSE:WFC). Both Mr. wells and Fargo both sat on the Board of the amex and along with other Directors wanted to move or amex in California. Founder John Butterfield is not interested.

Amex was in the 1850’s, the equivalent of Fedex Corporation (Ticker NYSE:fdx At) in the state of new York, dominating the Express delivery business. As the nation grew and its Express terms, even a link to VLK as it grew across the country.

But he does not stop at the borders of the United States. Since the second half of the 20th century, the amex was one of the key points in more than 130 countries to stay in the United States.

And now, to find your way in the digital market. Now there are more competitors for payment cards and their prestige is not as exclusive or desirable as it once was.

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One of the biggest problems AMEX faced in the 21st century was a Premium for customers and sellers. Ameks always charge more than its competitors, and because of this, small shops is not supported by AHR services, as the field was razor thin to begin with.

The most recent example was the loss of its exclusive contract with costco Wholesale Corporation (indexcost) because it charged costco charges more than Visa Inc (NYSE:IN) nothing.

He finally learned his lesson. And he also understands that what used to work no longer. It expands the range of credit cards and try to lure small businesses into the fold.

AHR to beat in its last earnings. From what Technicals say, most investors bullish. But even miss probably wouldn’t kill the trajectory of American Express promotions or the most credit card companies in General.

The advantage of axp is he knows how to succeed in the long term.

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