The definition of ‘Pro’

About, a cryptocurrency launched in February 2014, is the official national currency of the traditional Lakota, the American Indian tribe. The Lakota nation is the first tribe to launch and adoption of cryptocurrency. About the fork of Zetacoin, which is based on the bitcoin Protocol. A word about derived from the Lakota Sioux words “Maza” and “SKA” – i.e. black and white. It uses SHA-256 proof of work, which was designed to mimic the curve of the value and rarity of precious metals. Founder of the Pro Paio Harris said in an interview that he designed for the Pro, to help alleviate poverty in Lakota.

Breaking down the ‘Pro’

About (currency symbol: mzc) was designed to move fast, safe, but easy to mine blockchain. It has all the standard features of any other cryptocurrency, with some modifications. About uses SHA-256 proof-of-work mining Protocol, which helps to reduce clogging of landfills, and it encourages recycling and disposal from mining asic hardware. Pro uses a peer-to-peer technology and decentralized digital Currency, which means transactions and issuing of coins is carried out collectively by the network.

About already broken in the long term; thus, the main focus of the developers was made to ensure currency with features like slow deflationary Curve along with a stable retention of the value. It has a target block time of 120 seconds with a quick readjustment difficulty (every four blocks, based on the previous 90 blocks). Overall, the Pro series provides ease in performing everyday operations and is a stable source of wealth.

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