A survey of trust Director-General

Definition the survey of confidence in the CEO.

In the survey, CEO confidence is a monthly survey of 100 chief Executive officers (CEOS) from different sectors in the U.S. economy. The survey is conducted, analyzed and reported by the Committee of conference, and it seeks to assess the economic Outlook of CEOs, determining their concerns for their business, and their perceptions of where the economy is headed. The index value of the survey value above 50 indicates that respondents are more bullish than bearish on their economic prospects.

A survey of trust CEO of the conference Board’s leading economic inidcator, and it competes with the ‘confidence Index CEO chief Executive magazine’.

The penetration of the Director General of the survey of trust’

This is a quarterly report based on a survey of about 100 business leaders in various industries, the attitude of the chief details of the managers and expectations about the General state of the economy and private industry. It is distributed in electronic form .A PDF. This survey has been conducted by the Commission of the conference where the leaders of a series of 3 questions. There are five options of answer for each question. Score for each question is determined by assigning the following values to the responses and calculating the average: substantially better—100; medium—75; same—50; moderately worse—25; substantially worse—0. The measure of CEO confidence, the average scores for questions 1, 2 and 3. Marks for each question, and a measure of confidence of the Director General, thus, can vary from 0 to 100. Questions on the survey leaders to reflect on the following: in the current economic environment and 6 months ago expectations for economy, 6 months ahead, and expectations in relation to their own industry, 6 months in advance. In 2013, the survey was expanded to include executives from Fortune 1000 companies, in addition to the members of the Board of the conference.

In the survey the confidence of the leaders of the study of opinion leaders on obstacles to hiring new workers, reasons for layoffs, concerns about their industry and economy, including short-term and long-term economic prospects. Leaders are seen as people who have the right to take major investment decisions that can affect the economy as a whole. That is why the examination of the trust the Director-General may provide investors and traders with valuable information on the economic conditions.

A survey of trust Director-General, usually a leading indicator of economic activity, such as changes in GDP growth, and is used by investors and analysts in the framework of General economic analysis

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