A miracle worker

What is ‘the miracle worker’

A shaman is a person who brings in large numbers of business firms. On wall Street, and the shaman will be a broker or a financial Advisor, which brings in a few wealthy clients, or banker, who provides a lot of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) deals or mandates for initial public offerings (IPO). In a law firm, and the seller can become a senior partner who commits a lucrative legal work through its network of contacts or word of mouth. Any seller in a different location — technology company, for example, is a valuable employee if he or she closes a lot of contracts. As such, they are usually much kompensiruet. In addition, because of their proven ability to generate revenue for one company, they may be heavily recruited by competing firms and offer significant financial incentives for the transition.

Breaking Down ‘The Miracle Worker’

Relationships have a special quality that makes them productive. Most of the time they are just very skilled in his craft, whether the provision of investment advice, the preparation and implementation of mergers, sorting on various tax issues, demonstrating the value of the product, etc. In some cases, skills, connections are mainly in knowing how to work a room, making key connections and schmoozing your way to the signed contracts. Employer shaman no matter how it’s done (as long as legal and ethical), the company uses the yield that the shaman brings.

Have to keep shaman happy

But the benefactor knows his value and, as a rule, expect fair compensation for its services firms. But what if she doesn’t get what she thinks she is? To take the example of the firm’s asset management. If the shaman leaves the firm and takes their customers, the firm may incur significant losses of future income and the blow to his reputation that comes with losing a well-known head of the broker/consultant. Frequent connections team of brokers and consultants who work under them, and these commands can be part of the package when the benefactor of the changes, which will leave a big hole in the firm left behind.

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