3 etfs for marijuana, with the potential of the crop

The idea of a marijuana exchange traded funds (etf) is undoubtedly intoxicating, no pun intended. However, only one dedicated marijuana in real-time bidding in the United States You read that right. The largest market in the world-in real time — by a wide margin — and only one dedicated marijuana in real time.

The lack of U.S.-listed funds denies marijuana has been documented the ability to set with hemp stocks. For example, the U.S. Index of marijuana has more than tripled since the beginning of 2016. Home to 17 shares with a total market capitalization of 6.27 billion U.S. dollars, the index “tracks the leading stocks of cannabis, based in the US. Voters must have a business strategy focused on marijuana or hemp industry, and are not required to meet our minimum trading criteria,” according to the Issuer.

Although the idea of marijuana etfs is probably attractive for the Issuer, there are risks. First of all, cannabis is still illegal at the Federal level, which introduces a lot of problems, concerning Federal banking laws. Custodian banks are the most important elements in the ecosystem in real-time and keeps the inventory of marijuana can put them at risk with Federal agencies.

So at this point, investors probably should not expect new funds cannabis in the United States in the near future. Meanwhile, investors can use the following 3 remedies for the effects of cannabis.

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3 marijuana etf in potential harvest: ETFMG alternative crop in real-time(MJ)

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Expense ratio: 0.75% per year, or $75 per $10,000 investment.

ETFMG alternative harvest etf (NYSEARCA:MJ) is the undisputed king of U.S.-listed marijuana. But, as I noted earlier, this king presides over a small court.

MJ was converted to the data of hemp in the end of last year, explaining how he avoided some of these thorny regulatory issues associated with weed etfs.

Home to 38 stocks, MJ nearly 369 million dollars in assets under management, emphasizing the point that there is appetite for etfs cannabis. MJ also reminds investors that cannabis stocks can be volatile, as this Fund is currently home to more than 26% below its 52-week high.

MJ is a global real-time, showing that not many American marijuana trade stocks on the major exchanges, like the Nasdaq or new York stock exchange. Almost 62% of the components of the Fund by canadian companies, about triple the level of its exposure to the United States. The UK and Australia combine for 9.5% of the roster MJ. Overall, the Fund cannabis represents 10 countries, all of which are developed markets.

More than two thirds of MJ holdings are pharmaceutical companies and about 15% are tobacco companies. MJ’s top 10 enterprise unite more than 47% of its weight.

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3 marijuana etf in potential harvest: AdvisorShares Vice real time (act)

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Expense ratio: 0.75% per year, or $75 per $10,000 investment.

In AdvisorShares Vice data (Nasdaq:act) is an actively managed Fund, which debuted in December. As its name implies, the law does not have a dedicated boiler in real time, but the Fund is not described sufficiently the influence of cannabis.

The law can be seen as a “sin stock” in real time as the main weight industry 53% for alcohol, 26% for tobacco and 21% for cannabis, as of the end of February. With its strong effect of alcohol and tobacco names, the law is home to an array of familiar stocks such as constellation brands, Inc. (NYSE:STZ), altria Group Inc (Ticker NYSE:MO), Philip Morris international, Inc. (Ticker NYSE:PM) and the Boston beer company Inc (Ticker NYSE:Sam).

“The law invests only in companies associated with cannabis holding Federal legal business for the government of the United States,” according to the Issuer.

Question under the law in 2018 was a consumer goods influence. Alcohol and tobacco live stock in this sector, and the group was a dud. Thus, the S&P 500 index and the index of consumer goods was hit with a double-digit year-to-date losses.

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3 etfs for marijuana, with the potential of the crop: first trust NASDAQ Pharmaceuticals in real time (FTXH)

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Expense ratio: 0.60% per annum, or $60 on a $10,000 position.

This is an area where “stretch” for marijuana funds comes into play. With a shortage of marijuana etf in the market today, interested in the topic of cannabis, may wish to examine indirect effects. In the first trust Pharmaceuticals in real-time for Nasdaq (NASDAQ:FTXH) is a great beta idea considered as a conservative cannabis play.

FTXH makes this list because of all the etfs, which feature exposure in shares of Abbvie Inc. (US:ABBV), the first target complex has a large weight in this action. Company abbvie is the fourth largest FTXH keeps the weight of 6.55%. This is true because Marinol company abbvie is a cannabis-related drug, which was approved for use for medical purposes by the Administration of the food & drug administration (FDA).

This drug is used to treat AIDS patients experience a loss of appetite and/or weight loss, and nausea and vomiting in patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Todd Shriber not own any of the aforementioned securities.

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